Business Development

American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) recognizes the importance of business development and retention. AMP offers support to member communities in retaining existing business relationships such as key accounts as well as attracting new business development.

Local economic developers, key account managers, community improvement corporations, chamber executives and other Business Development organizations understand that up to 80% of new jobs created in a region come from existing business. For that reason, AMP formed a Business Retention Support Service to help members retain existing businesses such as key accounts.

However, these local Professionals also realize that 100% of business losses come from existing business and industry. That is why in order to sustain a “vibrant” local economy, a community cannot afford to put all its eggs in one basket. A community needs to give equal attention to both business retention and business attraction. For that reason, AMP formed a Business Development Service. AMP provides its members two options for support.

Base Level Model

AMP provides a base level of economic development support for all members. In addition to Chamber of Commerce memberships, website and other public power promotion activities, AMP maintains a database of local chamber, economic development and community improvement corporation contacts, as well as a database of national account contacts (i.e. corporate offices familiar with public power). If a business requests information on a specific member community, or a member community requests information on a specific corporate account, the database is used to fulfill the request and to deliver the information to the appropriate contacts. AMP’s economic development staff will assist and support member communities in the promotion of public power benefits to existing businesses. AMP provides the base model of economic development support for all members.

Aggressive Level Model

For members desiring a more aggressive level of business attraction support, the Business Development unit supports member promotion by organizing and administering a member driven business attraction and professional business economic development education program for any member desiring to participate. The education and business attraction aspect is supported through research, identification, qualification and dissemination of new business leads, professional site location, consultant and national account communication outreach, direct mail campaigns, selective co-op advertising, attendance at trade shows and corporate executive real estate conferences and memberships in professional associations like the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) and CoreNet Global. Financial support for this more aggressive model is provided through voluntary contributions received from interested members and in part by an “in-kind” labor contribution from AMP. Business Development supports this member alliance and their goal of maintaining a vibrant economy by identifying and potentially capturing new capital investment and job creation. This more aggressive model of Business Development is open to any member who desires to voluntarily subscribe contribute to this joint effort.

To learn more about the Business (Economic) Development service, please contact Erin Miller, assistant vice president of energy policy and sustainability, at 614.540.1111 or [email protected].