Sustainability Principles

American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) and its member communities are committed to the balance of being responsible corporate citizens, governmental entities, employers and environmental stewards, while maintaining a supply of cost-competitive, reliable electric power. The best way to achieve balance is through the consistent application of sustainability as a business practice.

In 2005, the AMP Board of Trustees adopted Environmental Stewardship Principles to help guide the organization. The principles were revised as Sustainability Principles and re-adopted in 2011, and updated in 2018 and 2021, to expand the scope of the principles to encompass broader corporate sustainability goals and objectives, thus better reflecting the organization’s definition of sustainability as a business approach that creates long-term member value by embracing opportunities and managing risks derived from economic, environmental and societal developments.

AMP defines its “corporate sustainability” as a business approach that creates long-term member value by embracing opportunities and managing risks derived from economic, environmental and societal developments. To that end, the AMP Board of Trustees affirms the following Sustainability Principles, to guide and support its actions.

Principle #1 – Provide a balanced and sustainable power supply portfolio to members
  • AMP will continue to provide our members with a variety of power supply options to best satisfy their respective preferences, values and needs.
  • AMP will maintain a balanced portfolio of generation projects, power purchase agreements and a potential project development pipeline that includes cost-effective power supply options.  
  • AMP will continue to pursue investments in new renewable energy projects and procurement of renewable power options on behalf of members. 
  • AMP will continue to work with our members to provide information regarding carbon emissions when making power supply decisions. 
  • AMP will provide members with options to integrate energy efficiency, demand response and distributed energy resources into member portfolios. 
Principle #2 - Reduce environmental and societal impacts from our operations
  • AMP will strive to minimize pollution, reduce waste and conserve natural resources by siting, designing, constructing, operating and maintaining its facilities in a socially equitable, environmentally sound and responsible manner.
  • AMP will continue to pursue reductions in overall carbon emissions.
  • To the extent practicable, AMP will pursue and implement green building principles, distributed energy resources and energy efficient technologies at headquarters.
Principle #3 – Provide valued services and support to members
  • AMP will assist members as they pursue innovations in the rapidly changing electric utility industry; foster economic development; increase environmental stewardship; provide safe, reliable electricity; and strive to meet customer needs. 
  • AMP will continue to provide employee training, safety instruction, project engineering and other technical programs to ensure that member communities have access to the most up-to-date information and services to provide safe, reliable electricity.
  • AMP will continue to collaborate with interested member communities to identify and provide economic development, demand response and energy efficiency services, and green power options consistent with local preferences, values and needs. 
  • AMP will continue to facilitate the member-led Focus Forward Advisory Council which strives to inform and prepare members for the evolving electric utility industry.
  • AMP will support members’ efforts to enhance, retain and recruit a skilled workforce.
Principle #4 – Collaborate, educate and engage with stakeholders to promote AMP and member interests
  • AMP will continue to engage with stakeholder entities – including (but not limited to) government, business, academia, media and utility organizations – in an effort to ensure that they understand the purpose, role and value of public power, along with AMP’s mission and vision. 
  • AMP will continue to support policies to reduce carbon emissions that maintain a reliable electric grid, ensure affordable electric rates for retail customers, recognize the importance of local control and decision making, and provide consistency and equitable treatment for public power. 
  • AMP will continue to provide members with information regarding carbon reduction strategies, including technological advancements, legislative and regulatory policies, and market conditions.
  • AMP will continue to actively engage to represent members in legislative and regulatory arenas where carbon policies are being considered.
Principle #5 – Further employee engagement & responsible governance
  • AMP is dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace made up of employees who strengthen AMP with their diverse talents and perspectives gained through their age, race, culture, color, disability, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, education, service to our country and unique personality.
  • AMP will continue to make a good faith effort to recruit and retain a diverse group of employees and will maintain its commitment to being an equal opportunity employer.
  • AMP will encourage and promote opportunities for employees to give back to their communities and support civic responsibility, health and wellness. 
  • AMP will continue to report its sustainability/ESG actions on both a quarterly and an annual basis. 
  • AMP and its Board of Trustees periodically reviews guiding documents to ensure alignment with new regulations and market conditions and ensure they continue to reflect organizational values.
  • AMP will prioritize the health and safety of employees and pursue a culture of workplace safety excellence and continuous improvement.
  • AMP will pursue continuous compliance with all applicable state and federal environmental laws and regulations.