Key Accounts Services

The American Municipal Power (AMP) Key Accounts Services Program provides members with value-added services designed to develop and enhance relationships with existing key account customers. Serving as an additional touch point with large customers providing them assistance designed to increase trust and satisfaction in their utility.

Customized services for key accounts include, but are not limited to, monthly energy use and cost tracking analysis, annual energy usage reports, discounted energy audits and assessments, facilitation of grant and loan opportunities, single-system energy assessments such as compressed air, lighting or motors, and E-meter support. Services are available in both a subscription program offering and à la carte style.

Program Options

Key Accounts Plus – Full Suite of Services

  • Subscription-based program.
  • 30 hours of key account assistance or up to 16 key account monthly tracking and annual reports.
  • Continuity in service for members formerly subscribed to Direct Connections.
  • Annual subscription of $3,600; discount rate after subscribed services.

Key Accounts Assistance – À La Carte Services

  • No annual subscription needed.
  • Ability to choose services and provide one-off requests for key accounts.
  • Generally conforms to authorized spending limitations mitigating need for additional approvals.
  • Master Service Agreement schedule created as part of MESA Tech Services.
    • Services, deliverables and costs outlined in an accompanied scope of services.
    • Billed at established MESA rates.


The Key Accounts Services Program is a great way to have meaningful conversations with our largest employers. We are able to give them real data that is generated from our utility and have in-depth conversations about their current and future utility needs. It gives us a solid reason to meet with our local CEO’s and key facility managers.

– Jeff McHugh
Electric Superintendent
Painesville Municipal Electric
City of Painesville


Key Accounts Services

Annual Reports + Energy Use and Cost Tracking

  • Annual reports
    • Provides a summary of monthly electrical energy use and associated costs, compiled into a ready-to-deliver report for each key account.
    • Provides an easy to read Excel sheet and associated graphs, as well as an executive summary with possible operational and efficiency recommendations.
  • Monthly energy use and cost tracking
    • Review of key account monthly invoices, checking for billing discrepancies and possible issues with energy usage.

Grant and Loan Assistance

  • Notification and assistance for state and national financial grant and loans targeting energy audits and facility energy-efficiency improvements.

Energy Use Analysis

  • Analysis of historic energy use and costs.
  • Energy use is benchmarked or compared against similar buildings to determine if further engineering study and analysis are likely to produce opportunities for energy savings.

Engineering and Technical Support

  • Access to professionals when troubleshooting key account customer questions and issues.

Low-Cost/No-Cost Energy Audit

  • An evaluation of energy consumption to determine ways in which energy can be conserved in a building; the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expenses and carbon footprint.

Low-Cost Single System Assessments

  • Evaluate energy consumption and cost of an existing energy system (lighting, motors, compressed air, etc.) to quantify the impact on operating expenses.

Miscellaneous Labor (phone/email correspondence, meetings, etc.)

  • Additional support for key account customers. 

For more information on the AMP Key Accounts Services Program, please contact Timothy Boland, director of economic development and Efficiency Smart, at 614.540.0933 or [email protected].