Key Accounts Services

The American Municipal Power (AMP) Key Accounts Services Program provides participants with value-added services designed to develop and enhance relationships with their existing key account customers.

Customized services for key accounts include, but are not limited to, monthly energy use and cost tracking analysis, annual energy usage reports, discounted energy audits and assessments, facilitation of grant and loan opportunities, single-system energy assessments such as compressed air, lighting or motors, and E-meter support. Services are available in both a comprehensive program offering and “à la carte” style.

An additional touchpoint with your large customers, the program facilitates a forum for regular dialog demonstrating your commitment to their success and increased trust and satisfaction with their utility.

Program Options

Key Accounts Assistance – À La Carte Services

  • Ability for members to choose the services they want and create the ability to better serve one-off requests.
  • Does not require city council approval as long as the spending falls within authorized spending limits.
  • Master Service Agreement schedule
    • Deliverables and estimated costs of each service will be outlined in an accompanied scope of services
    • Billed at established MESA rates

Key Accounts Plus – Full Suite of Services

  • Comprehensive program
  • Annual subscription of $3,600 to provide up to 30 hours of key account assistance or up to 16 key account monthly tracking and annual reports. Additional hours will be invoiced at a discounted rate of $80/hour.
  • Provides continuity in service to current participants, offering a comprehensive business retention program to their key accounts.

Key Accounts Services

Key Accounts Services operates as an extension of the utility providing member participants with services designed to develop and enhance relationships with their existing key accounts.

Annual Reports + Energy Use and Cost Tracking

  • Annual reports
    • Provides a summary of monthly electrical energy use and associated costs, compiled into a ready-to-deliver report for each key account.
    • Provides an easy to read Excel sheet and associated graphs, as well as an executive summary with possible operational and efficiency recommendations.
  • Monthly energy use and cost tracking
    • Review of key account monthly invoices, checking for billing discrepancies and possible issues with energy usage.

Grant and Loan Opportunity Facilitation

  • Facilitation of applications for state and national financial grant and loan opportunities targeting energy audits and facility energy-efficiency improvements.

Energy Use Analysis

  • Analysis of historic energy use and costs.
  • Energy use is benchmarked or compared against similar buildings to determine if further engineering study and analysis are likely to produce opportunities for significant energy savings.

Engineering and Technical Support

  • Access to professionals when troubleshooting Key Account customer questions and issues.

Low-Cost/No-Cost Energy Audit

  • An inspection survey and an analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building; the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense and carbon footprint.

Low-Cost Single System Assessments

  • Evaluate energy consumption and cost of an existing energy system (lighting, motors, compressed air, etc.) to quantify the impact on operating expenses and identify existing technology upgrades that are more efficient and most beneficial to the operations.

Miscellaneous Labor

  • Support with aiding in customer service to your Key Account customers (phone/email correspondence, meetings, etc.).

For more information on the AMP Key Accounts Services Program, please contact Corey Bentine, director of key accounts, at 614.540.1111 or [email protected].