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AMP Wall of Fame

2022 AMP Wall of Fame Announcement
Each year, AMP names one or more individuals to the Wall of Fame, recognizing them for their significant contributions to AMP and public power. 

2022 Inductees

American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) is celebrating the work of all the public power lineworkers in its member communities by collectively naming them as the 2022 inductees to the AMP Wall of Fame.

Linework is a profession that demands passion, dedication, ongoing training and a willingness to work around the clock, often in difficult situations, to provide communities with safe, reliable electric power.

About the Wall of Fame

AMP established the Wall of Fame in 2010 to honor those individuals who, through their dedication, have made significant contributions to AMP and public power. Plaques outlining the inductees’ contributions hang on the Wall of Fame in the AMP Board of Trustees room at AMP's headquarters in Columbus. The AMP Wall of Fame includes the names of the 26 individuals who have been honored and who have left an indelible mark on the organization. A similar plaque will hang in honor of public power lineworkers.

Past Wall of Fame Honor Recipients


“Founding Fathers” (five names below are on one plaque):

  • Robert Hillwig – City of Bowling Green
  • Warren Hinchee – City of Cleveland
  • Willard Seibert – City of Dover
  • John Engle, Jr. – City of Hamilton
  • Paul Kaiser – City of Westerville


  • William Lyren, P.E. – Director of Public Service, City of Wadsworth, Ohio
  • David R. Straus – AMP Federal Regulatory Attorney


  • Robert Dupee – AMP Board Member
  • Richard H. Gorsuch – AMP President 1983-1987
  • Powers Luse – AMP Executive Manager 1971-1977
  • Robert Nichols – AMP Board Member and Chair
  • George S. Pofok – AMP Board Member and Chair


  • Ken Hegemann – AMP/OMEA Board Member and Chair; AMP President
  • Bruce Kidston – OMEA Board Member/President
  • Art Magee – OMEA Board Member/Public Power Mayor
  • Joe Mattaliano – Public Power Advocate
  • Lyle Wright – AMP/OMEA Board Member


  • Gene Post – Wadsworth Electric & Communications General Manager and AMP Mutual Aid Coordinator  


  • Jon Bisher – AMP Board Member and Chair
  • Tom Luebbers – AMP Bond Counsel
  • Francis Robinson, Jr. – Federal Tax and Project Development Counsel


  • John Bentine – AMP Senior Vice President and General Counsel


  • Keith Brooks – OMEA Legislative Counsel


  • John Coyle – Duncan and Allen; Legal Counsel
  • Mike Weadock – St. Marys Safety Service Director and AMP Board of Trustees Chair


  • Marc S. Gerken, PE – Napoleon City Manager; AMP President/CEO