AMP Awards Program

The AMP Awards Program provides a great opportunity to draw attention to outstanding projects and people in your community. This is one way to let your peers and community know about your hard work and dedication.

AMP Annual Awards

Members can nominate themselves or others for the AMP Annual Awards. Award recipients are recognized at the AMP Annual Conference. After the conference, a news release will be sent to the local media of those communities that received awards.

Nominations for the 2023 AMP Annual Awards are closed. For next year's awards, nominations will be open in the late spring/early summer of 2024. Members can still submit nominations for the AMP Service Distinction Award as this award is given out year-round.

  • AMP Service Distinction Award (Apply year-round)
    The AMP Service Distinction Program recognizes utility employees, partners and consultants who have made significant local contributions to public power. 
  • Electric System Sustainability Award 
    The Electric System Sustainability Award recognizes utilities that have made significant efforts in sustainability in terms of understanding the interconnections among economy, society and environment. 
  • Hard Hat Safety Award
    The Hard Hat Safety Award honors utility employees who have contributed to safety within their community during the past year, shown adherence to on-the-job safety procedures, and promoted electrical safety within their department and community.
  • Innovation Award
    The Innovation Award recognizes municipal electric systems that have completed an innovative and/or unique project. Innovation as described in the dictionary is a new idea, device or method; the introduction of something new.
  • Public Power Promotion Award
    The Public Power Promotion Award honors utilities that have taken significant strides to promote public power through marketing, consumer awareness and branding.
  • Safety Award
    The Safety Award recognizes municipal electric systems for their safety performance and encourages municipalities to improve their present safety program.
  • Seven Hats Award
    The Seven Hats Award recognizes a utility manager who serves a smaller community, and whose management responsibilities extend well beyond the scope of a manager in a larger system who has a larger staff. The award parallels American Public Power Association (APPA) requirements. The AMP recipient will be nominated for the APPA Larry Hobart Seven Hats Award.
  • System Improvement Award
    The System Improvement Award recognize utilities that have made a significant improvement in electric service and reliability to their customer-owners.