Hometown Connections

American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) is a joint-owner of Hometown Connections, Inc. (HCI). HCI was formed in 2018 when five public power entities, including AMP, purchased the majority of the assets of Hometown Connections International, a long-time subsidiary of the American Public Power Association.

HCI is a non-profit utility services organization offering public power utilities guidance and access to quality products and services from a trusted entity with public power’s best interests in mind. Hometown Connections is a resource to public power systems large and small, facilitating access to technology, services, and other solutions from industry-leading companies.

AMP’s members benefit from the HCI relationship by having access to vendors who have deep knowledge of the industry and who have already proven successful at meeting the unique needs of public power utilities. HCI is a trusted provider of sound advice and quality products and services, at group discounted pricing.

Hometown Connections has assembled a suite of engineering and operations solutions designed specifically for public power and its unique requirements. HCI also offers a full range of smart grid solutions, cyber security options, meter and operational data management systems, as well as financial and organizational management tools and consulting. Further details on HCI and its products can be found at www.hometownconnections.com.

For more information on Hometown Connections or assistance in contacting one of HCI’s vendor partners, please contact Harry Phillips, director of marketing/member relations, at 614.540.0846 or [email protected].