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AMP Investor Relations

Welcome to American Municipal Power, Inc.’s (AMP) investor relations page. Investment in bonds issued by AMP allows for beneficial investment in generation and transmission assets for our members.

In order to succeed in its vision to be public power’s trusted leader in providing members and their customers the highest-quality, forward-looking services and solutions, AMP makes it a priority to maintain strong bond ratings and be as transparent as possible with the investor community.

Highlights of AMP Project Debt

AMP's Key Strengths

  • 132 Members in nine states
  • Members are economically diverse
  • Members serve approximately 650,000 meters
  • Members, Board of Trustees and project participant committees are engaged
  • Diverse energy portfolio
  • Essential solutions provider to members
  • Respected regulatory and legislative presence
  • Extensive staff technical expertise

Strength of Project Power Sales Contracts

  • Strong take-or-pay or take-and-pay contracts for each project, most with a 25 percent step-up provision
  • AMP project debt service is an operating expense of members
  • Project power sales contracts are either court-validated or materially consistent with a court-validated contract for Ohio members and authorized by specific state legislation for non-Ohio members


  • Large and diverse generation portfolio
  • Members subscribe to projects of their choice
  • No cross subsidies or cross defaults between projects
  • Strong operating performance of all projects

Financial Metrics

  • Rates are set to cover annual debt service at 1.1x on all projects
  • AMP monitors the credit of members
  • Liquidity in the form of AMP's $600 million line of credit with ability to expand to $850 million

Experienced Management Team

  • Experienced leadership and financial management team
  • Three-year strategic planning cycle and five-year financial planning cycle
  • Equity ownership interest in The Energy Authority (TEA) includes RTO market/trading and risk management services
  • Strong support from the membership
  • Committed to responsibility, sustainability and corporate governance policies

*AMP Bonds are secured by a power sales contract between AMP and its participating members, relating to the respective project. They are not secured by the general credit of AMP.