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Miller Honored with AMP DNA Award

Published on: 06/20/2019

Annual award recognizes outstanding employee

COLUMBUS, OH: Erin Miller has been recognized as the American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) 2019 DNA Award recipient. Miller is the director of energy policy and sustainability, and has been with the Columbus-based organization since 2017.

Marc Gerken, AMP President/CEO initiated the annual award in 2008 to recognize an employee who advances AMP’s vision and mission — “to be public power’s leader in wholesale energy supply and value-added Member services,” and “to provide Members with the benefits of scale and expertise in providing and managing energy services,” respectfully.

Gerken asked the staff to nominate their fellow employees for the award. They were asked to provide, not just the name, but the reasons why their nominee should receive the award.

During the awards presentation, Gerken noted that the nominations from her colleagues show that Miller exemplifies all of the organization’s core values, but especially embodies the idea of being member focused.

“Erin has proven to be a dedicated employee who is highly focused on serving our members and helping to drive innovation and sustainability,” stated Gerken. “She truly exemplifies AMP’s core values and we are proud to have her as a member of the AMP team.”

Miller manages AMP’s Focus Forward Advisory Council and EV sub-group, participates in three AMP Strategic Plan Groups, chairs AMP’s Engagement Team, is an active member of AMP’s Innovation Team and was recently named chair of the AMP Carbon Leadership Team. Additionally, she participates in the APPA Smart Electric Provider Program review panel, the APPA Electric Vehicle Interest Group and the SEPA Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle working groups.

To accomplish its vision and mission, AMP employees must believe in, and demonstrate, the core values of the organization: cooperation, integrity, innovation, action-oriented, effective communication and member focused. These values serve as the organization’s “DNA” and are a critical foundation to its ability to succeed and serve member communities. As such, Gerken believed it appropriate to establish a program that would recognize employees who best demonstrate the values/DNA of AMP as a way to highlight to both its staff and members the importance of the key organizational criteria it strives to meet.


AMP President/CEO Marc Gerken presents the 2019 AMP DNA
Award to Erin Miller, director of energy policy and sustainability.