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Long Time AMP Employee Marlene Grout Recognized for Efforts

Published on: 06/07/2010

COLUMBUS: Secretary/receptionist Marlene Grout was recognized June 2 as American Municipal Power’s (AMP) 2010 “AMP DNA Award” recipient. Marc Gerken, AMP president/CEO initiated the annual award in 2008 to recognize an employee who advances AMP’s vision and mission as established through its strategic planning process. AMP’s vision is “To be public power’s leader in wholesale energy supply,” and its mission is “To develop, manage and supply diverse, competitively priced, reliable wholesale energy to public power through strategic partnerships and member-focused relationships.”

To accomplish its vision and mission, AMP employees must believe in, and demonstrate, the core values of the organization: cooperation, integrity, innovation, action-oriented, effective communication and member focused. These values serve as the organization’s “DNA” and are a critical foundation to its ability to succeed and serve member communities. As such, Gerken believed it appropriate to establish a program that would recognize employees who best demonstrate the values/DNA of AMP as a way to highlight to both its staff and members the importance of the key organizational criteria it strives to meet.

<>Gerken asked the staff to nominate their fellow workers for the award. They were asked to provide not just a name, but the reasons why their nomination should receive the award. “Among those nominated, several received more than one nomination, making the task of selecting the recipient even harder,” Gerken said at a full staff meeting, where the selection was announced.

Grout, came to AMP (then AMP-Ohio) in 1992 and has served in a variety of positions providing administrative support across the organization. “Marlene plays a key role for the organization,” Gerken said. “She is a principal point of contact for members, staff and visitors, and is able to juggle numerous responsibilities to keep things running smoothly. Her willingness and ability to provide assistance throughout the organization is beneficial and very much appreciated. As a long-time employee, Marlene has valuable knowledge of the organization and our members.”

Grout resides in Westerville, Ohio.


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