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AMP to Move Forward with Study of Potential Meigs County Natural Gas Generation Project

Published on: 04/13/2010

COLUMBUS: American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) will move forward with further analysis of constructing a 400-700 MW natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) generating facility in Meigs County, Ohio. This announcement came following action taken at a meeting of the American Municipal Power Generating Station (AMPGS) participants. The Meigs County site’s status as the primary site for a self-build option is dependent upon the successful final negotiation of appropriate tax abatements as well as economic and infrastructure incentives. As an alternative to this self-build option, AMP is actively exploring options of partnering with a third party or individually purchasing 100% of one of several NGCC existing facilities and projects under development in the region.

AMP consultants and staff studied two sites for development of a self-build NGCC project. In addition to Meigs County, a site in southern Virginia was examined.

“Both sites are excellent sites, but assuming AMP receives the economic and infrastructure incentives that have been discussed and is able to successfully negotiate local tax abatements, our participants believe the Meigs site edges out the Virginia site. With that direction, we are now able to focus on one site for a complete analysis of our self-build option,” AMP President/CEO Marc Gerken said. “Policy makers at the local, state and federal levels have indicated their support for such a project in Meigs County, and we will work with them to finalize the abatements and incentives. We’ll also complete our analysis of alternatives to building a plant to determine which course of action is in the best interest of our member communities.”

AMP will continue to work with participating communities and anticipates making a final decision early this summer.

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