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Deshler, Ohio

Where tradition and vision meet
Published January 2017

The Village of Deshler is located in Henry County in northwest Ohio. Originally named Portage following the 1850 arrival of its first settler, the village’s name was changed to Alma in 1865 and to Deshler in 1875. In 1876, following the final name change, the village was incorporated and the Deshler flag was created.

Deshler became a flourishing village in the early 1900s as a result of the thriving railroad and farming industries. Construction on the B & O Railroad began in 1873, laying the groundwork for future development. The railroad put Deshler on the map as a stop for circuses and medicine shows, many soldiers during World War II, and for several presidential campaigns.

Deshler’s residents are committed to the community and continued growth of the village, forming multiple organizations to encourage community involvement. The Deshler Development Committee was formed in 2004 with the goal of making Deshler a more attractive community for business and industry. Deshler Pride was also created as a volunteer group open to anyone looking to nurture development in the village. Both groups work to create a stronger community through restoration and development.

Deshler is home to the annual Corn City Festival, an event held in August that kicks off with a 5K run/walk. The event includes food from local vendors, crafts, games, rides, raffles and more.

Deshler is also home to Deshler Crossroads Park. This park, purchased and donated to the Bartlow Township Historical Society in 1990, is a sheltered area providing residents with a place to sit, relax and watch the trains.

The Village of Deshler joined AMP as a member community in February 1974. Today, the village boasts a population of approximately 1,800 and serves about 1,006 total meters. Deshler participates in many AMP programs that strive to provide dependable energy to the community. These efforts include:

  • Mutual Aid, a network of municipal electric systems that assist each other when utility emergencies occur that are too widespread to be handled by one system alone.
  • North Central AMP Service Group (NCASG)
  • New York Power Authority (NYPA), providing hydroelectricity generated by the Niagara and St. Lawrence rivers.
  • OSHA compliance, a contractual-based program that expands on the general safety program.
  • Phase 1 Hydro, which includes the run-of-the-river generating facilities at the Cannelton, Smithland and Willow Island dams on the Ohio River.
  • Fremont Energy Center, a natural gas combined-cycle generation plant that began operation in 2012
  • The Prairie State Energy Campus, in southern Illinois, is a 1,600-MW state-of-the-art supercritical mine-mouth plant and adjacent coal mine.

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