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The AMP Fremont Energy Center (AFEC) is a 675-megawatt (MW) natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) facility in Fremont, Ohio.

As an intermediate power source, AFEC has a capacity of 512 MW (unfired) and includes duct-firing that allows an additional 163 MW of generation during peak demand periods. AFEC consists of two combustion turbines, two heat recovery steam generators and one steam turbine and condenser.

AMP owns 90.69 percent of AFEC on behalf of 86 participating AMP members in seven states and 4.15 percent on behalf of Central Virginia Electric Cooperative. The Michigan Public Power Agency owns the remaining 5.16 percent.

The plant reached full commercial operation in January 2012. Learn more about AFEC here.

AMP Fremont Energy Center Bonds

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AMP Fremont Energy Center Bonds

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