AMP Regulatory & Legislative Comments

AMP often provides legislative testimony and files public comments on regulations of interest to the organization and its member communities, so that policymakers are aware of the impacts that their proceedings will have on public power communities.

Legislative Comments

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Regulatory Comments

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AMP comments on U.S. EPA proposal to approve Ohio's BAT exemption for low-emitting facilities
AMP/OMEA Comments on ACE Rule - 10/31/18
AMP/OMEA Comments on Draft Business Impact Analysis for OAC Rules 3745-31-34 and 3745-77-11 - 10/26/18
AMP and PPANJ Comments on the FERC Order Rejecting PJM Capacity Construct Revisions - 10/02/18
AMP Motion to Intervene and Protest LG&E/KU Filing - 10/02/18
AMP/OMEA Comments on CSAPR - 08/31/18
AMP, APPA and PPANJ Rehearing Request of FERC Order on Capacity Construct - 07/30/18
AMP Comments on Financial Transmission Rights - 06/25/18
AMP Conditional Protest to MISO Transmission Owner Interconnection Cost Recovery - 06/22/18
AMP Protest to Phase II Pseudo-Tie Solution - 06/22/18
AMP Answer and Protest to Calpine Complaint on Clean MOPR - 06/20/18
Joint Reply Comments on PJM Energy Market Pricing Proposal and Resilience - 05/09/18
AMP and PJM Consumer Representatives Reply Comments on Resilience - 05/09/18
AMP and Load Group Answer to PJM and the PJM Transmission Owners on Supplemental Transmission Projects - 05/09/18
AMP Protest to OVEC Motion to Indefinitely Extend PJM Integration Effective Date - 05/08/18
AMP Comments on PJM Capacity Repricing and MOPR-Ex Proposal - 05/07/18
AMP/OMEA Comments on EPA Proposed Repeal of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) - 04/25/18
Protest of the PJM Consumer Representatives to the Emergency Order Request of FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. - 04/05/18
AMP Joint Request for Rehearing on Show Cause Order - 03/19/18
AMP Request for Rehearing on FERC Order on Electric Storage - 03/19/18
AMP/OMEA Comments on 111(d) ANPRM - 02/26/18
AMP Motion to Lodge Show Cause Order Supplemental Projects - 02/12/18
AMP Comments on Sixth Status Report of MISO and PJM on Pseudo-ties - 02/07/18
AMP/OVEC Motion for Leave to Answer and Answer - 02/06/18
AMP Comments on PAPUC Act 40 Tentative Implementation Order - 02/05/18
AMP Comments to Ohio EPA re: Draft Beneficiary Mitigation Plan, Volkswagen Litigation- 02/02/18
AMP/APPA Motion for Leave to Answer and Answer - 01/29/18
AMP Answer to PJM and MISO on Pseudo-ties - 01/26/18
AMP Comments on MISO Refiling - 01/12/18
AMP and OVEC Integration Protest - 01/05/18
AMP, APPA, EEI, NRECA and PPANJ Rehearing Request on Energy Efficiency Resources Aggregation - 01/02/18

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