Transmission Affairs

AMP staff follows both PJM and the Midwest ISO tariff and business rules development. AMP is active in the stakeholder meetings of both Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) in order to ensure the economical use of generation, member owned and joint venture, as well as purchase power contracts. This participation enables AMP to better advise members on generation and power supply decisions.

Beyond participation in the RTO stakeholder process, AMP follows and participates in Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) proceedings and various tariff and business rule decisions by the RTOs and other entities in the electrical industry. AMP also works closely with law firms in Washington, D.C., to represent the membership.

Using the knowledge and contacts gained in both the RTO and FERC proceedings, AMP is able to help its members navigate the tariffs and business rules for generation and tie-line interconnections.

For more information, please contact Chris Norton, director of market regulatory affairs, at 614.540.1111 or [email protected].

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