The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) is an internal system owned and operated by AMP. This state-of-the-art system collects meter data and controls generation throughout AMP’s geographic footprint.

AMP has invested $1.9 million in an ongoing project to upgrade the system, eliminating terrestrial-based telecommunication lines and remote terminal units. These units have been replaced with a smart meter from Power Measurements and a satellite transceiver from Spacenet. Additional software developed in-house aggregates the meter data for AMP members and groups.

The smart meters are read every 15 seconds. In the event of a communication outage, the meter continues to record its data, and estimated data is calculated by SCADA. Once communication is restored, SCADA rereads the smart meter for data missed due to the outage. The SCADA servers are redundant, so that in the event of server failure, a second server is ready to provide the same services. The field upgrades and redundant SCADA servers enable AMP’s SCADA system to be highly reliable.

For more information on SCADA, please contact Branndon Kelley, senior vice president of technology and chief information officer, at 614.540.1111 or [email protected].