Seven Hats Award

The Seven Hats Award recognizes a deserving utility manager from a smaller community with the prestigious Seven Hats Award. The award parallels American Public Power Association (APPA) requirements. The AMP recipient will be nominated for the APPA Larry Hobart Seven Hats Award.


  • Any superintendent or manager of an AMP member utility that serves 2,500 electric meters or less.


  • Utility manager who serves a smaller community and whose management responsibilities extend well beyond the scope of a manager in a larger system with a larger staff.
  • Nominees must possess desirable qualities and skills in the following areas:
    • Planning and design
    • Administration
    • Public relations
    • Field supervision
    • Accounting
    • Personnel or employee direction, relations, policies, etc.
    • Community leadership
  • Nomination form to be completed by local elected official.


  • Only one award can be given each year.