Service Distinction Award

The AMP Service Distinction Program is designed to recognize employees of member public power utilities, partners and consultants who have made significant local contributions to public power.


  • Nominations can be made by any member community, the AMP Board of Trustees Nominating Committee and/or the AMP President/CEO.
  • The nomination must include basic information about the nominee’s public power career and an explanation of why the nominee should be considered, along with the identity of the nominator.
  • Nominations must be submitted via the online application or via email to Amanda Smithey, member events and program manager, at [email protected].
  • Nominations will be accepted year-round for consideration; however, awards will be considered by the AMP General Membership at the AMP General Membership Meeting held in conjunction with the AMP Annual Conference. As such, nominations to be considered for that year’s conference must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the AMP August Board meeting. Submissions received after this time will be considered for the subsequent year’s AMP General Membership Meeting.
  • Information on nominations and deadlines will be published annually via the Update newsletter and correspondence to AMP principal contacts.


The AMP Service Distinction Award shall be limited to individuals who have met all or a majority of the criteria below.

  • A distinguished public power career; or a career with significant contribution to public power
  • Members, partners or consultants who have made significant contributions to public power and supported the mission, vision and values of AMP
  • Special consideration will be given to individuals dedicated to the betterment of public power communities who have retired from service or have announced that they will be retiring soon.