OSHA Compliance

AMP's Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Compliance Program is provided on a contractual basis. AMP’s safety staff members provide advisory services with respect to OSHA and Public Employee Risk Reduction Program (PERRP) requirements. This program enhances AMP’s general safety program.

The OSHA Compliance program is designed to help AMP members maintain full compliance with all state and federal regulations governing workplace safety for public employees. Compliance with state and federal laws can be a complex task. Many OSHA and PERRP standards require employers to develop and maintain written programs and procedures in addition to employee training.

With the OSHA Compliance Program, safety coordinators work with a member community to tailor the program to the member’s individual needs. Coordinators routinely establish safety program guidelines, train staff, identify workplace hazards - develop plans to address any hazardous conditions, and plan, organize and conduct monthly safety meetings. The program provides training to all departments.

All AMP safety coordinators are approved to provide Environmental Protection Agency contact hours for operator certification renewal for certified wastewater treatment plant, wastewater collections, water treatment plant and water distribution system operators.

For more information on the OSHA Compliance Program, please contact Kyle Weygandt, director of member safety, at 330.323.1269 or [email protected].