Safety Programs

Safety is a priority at American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP). In addition to presenting safety courses and meetings to its members on a quarterly basis, AMP also maintains a year-round safety program designed to reach municipal electric utility employees and the public.

AMP member communities have the opportunity to host an AMP safety coordinator four times per year. AMP safety coordinators offer general training and refresher sessions on safe utility work practices, updates to proposed safety rules and regulations affecting AMP member communities, and on other topics requested by a community or other issues that may affect AMP members.

During these crucial visits, AMP safety professionals present on a variety of different subjects. Just a few examples are:

Pole Top and Bucket Rescue: This topic covers the OSHA-required technique of rescuing a person from a pole or out of an aerial bucket. Every person who climbs a pole or goes up in a bucket truck should be trained annually in this area. This also applies to ground workers. Member communities that have signed the AMP Safety Training contract will be offered the training annually.

Work Zone Safety: This topic covers the proper way to set work zones according to the Federal and State Manuals on Uniform Traffic Control designed to protect the work crews and the motoring public. The presentation covers signage, barricades and other required safety equipment. Additionally, Flagger Certification is offered as a separate course, as many states now require that flaggers be trained and certified in order to flag vehicles on a road construction or utility project.

Hypothermia and Frostbite: This topic discusses how to work safely and effectively in extreme heat or cold conditions. Hypothermia and frostbite are covered in depth, along with heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Participants learn the different ways to get their job tasks completed in extreme heat and cold conditions.

Accident Investigation: This topic includes the proper steps to take in reviewing and investigating accidents. It also shows how to use this information to prevent further accidents and possibly lower Workers' Compensation rates.

On request, our safety supervisor will visit AMP members’ schools to teach children about electrical safety. A hazard-hamlet unit is incorporated in these lessons, demonstrating different aspects of electrical safety, from residential to industrial settings. Students interact with a variety of sizes of electrical cable and learn the importance of safety in their active lives. In addition, AMP offers a program to instruct first responders on electrical safety and to recognize the hazards in their fields, such as the proper emergency response to electrical incidents at substations, transformers and vehicle accidents. This program qualifies for three continuing education hours.

For more information on the AMP safety program, please contact Kyle Weygandt, director of member safety, at 330.323.1269 & [email protected].