Member Benefits

American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) provides reliable generation and related services at very competitive prices. AMP member municipal electric systems can count on power supply planning, engineering, economic development, government relations and communications services.

AMP offers a variety of benefits to communities that offer municipal electric services. For more information about becoming a member community of the organization, please contact Harry Phillips, director of marketing/member relations, at 614.540.1111 or [email protected].

There are many benefits and services through a membership with AMP, including:

Generation Asset Ownership Opportunities: AMP staff is continually pursuing and developing generation asset ownership options to meet the power supply needs of its members.

Power Supply Purchase Opportunities: Evaluating power supply purchase options is a top priority for AMP. Participating in these power supply purchases is a benefit available exclusively to AMP members.

Renewable Generation Opportunities: AMP frequently pursues and develops various renewable generation options such as hydroelectric, wind generation and landfill gas facilities. Participation in these projects is only available to members of AMP.

MISO/PJM RTO Updates and Consultation: AMP staff attends stakeholder meetings associated with the PJM and MISO RTOs on behalf of the organization's members.

SCADA and Metering Technical Support: AMP members can rely on the support they need from AMP SCADA staff. Examples of this support include:

  • Interconnection and generation metering information.
  • Technical support for matters regarding interconnection points among members with local investor owned utilities.
  • Real-time voltage and power usage upon request.
  • Usage data on a historical basis.

Long-Term Power Supply Planning: SAIC Long-Term Power Supply Model is used to develop/update members’ long-term power supply plans.

DEED: The DEED program investigates technologies through its grants and scholarships that will provide direct and tangible benefits to publicly owned electric utilities.

On-behalf-of financings: AMP provides a convenient, cost-effective way for member communities to finance electric utility projects. This program allows AMP to issue tax-exempt debt on behalf of member communities.

Legal Benefits: AMP’s general counsel can help member communities obtain legal information related to the unique needs of municipal electric systems. Additionally, AMP may help member systems in funding and pursuing litigation if the issue has the potential to impact other member public power systems.

Legislative Services: The Ohio Municipal Electric Association (OMEA) provides legislative liaison services for AMP and Ohio's municipal electric communities. OMEA services include advocacy, coalition building, legislative and regulatory analysis and grassroots activities targeting energy, municipal rights and tax issues impacting AMP projects and the overall organization, as well as Ohio municipal electric communities. 

General Safety Program: AMP's general safety program is designed for municipal utility employees. The safety coordinators provide general overviews on a variety of safety-related skills and topics. Quarterly meetings are held with all Class I members. AMP's safety team can also offer electrical safety training for Emergency First Responders. 

Scholarship Program: This program was developed to encourage high school students in AMP member communities to further their education, and to create an awareness of careers in the municipal electric utility field.

Engineering Services: Through its technical services, AMP is able to assist member communities with their electric system design, construction and project management needs. Services offered include: design of transmission and distribution projects; project management; system reviews; mapping; infrared testing and power quality monitoring and analysis.  

OSHA Training: AMP’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance program is provided on a contractual basis. General safety topics are developed into the full policies and procedures required by law. 

Environmental Services: AMP provides assistance to member communities with managing their environmental needs and compliance. Permitting, reporting, monitoring and compliance audits are the core services of this program.

Mutual Aid: AMP’s Mutual Aid Program is a network of municipal electric systems that stands ready to provide assistance to fellow municipal systems when local utility emergencies occur that are too widespread to be handled by one system alone.

Technical Training: Technical training is a key ingredient in the ability of member utility personnel to achieve and maintain a high degree of reliability in customer service. Technical training focuses on giving utility personnel the knowledge and tools to maintain and improve reliability.

Lineworker Training: Often referred to as “climbing school,” these one-week courses are held at AMP headquarters in Columbus each summer for various skill levels (beginner through advanced).

Business (Economic) Development: Designed to augment local economic development efforts of both large and small public power communities, AMP's business development subscription program offers assistance to community economic development and public power utility officials who want to market their municipalities as desirable locations for new businesses and job creation.