Rodeo FAQs

General Rodeo Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

Obstacle Course (Teams): Will the ground man be able to rest the stick on the ground while opening the door or will he have to keep it off of the ground?

This is a simulated de-energized event, the stick can remain on the ground when opening and closing.

Obstacle Course (Teams): Are we allowed to use a meat hook on the hand line?

It is acceptable if the meat hook is rated for human support.

Written Test (Teams): Can the alternate take the test for 1 of the competitors?

An alternate can only participate in a Rodeo event if their teammate is injured and cannot participate in that event.

Obstacle Course (Teams): Is it acceptable for the first climber to leave the hand line on the pole for the second climber?

Rule #10 in the Event description states “Handline MUST be hung at each working location either around the pole or crossarm.”

2 Phase Horizontal Cutout Change Out (Teams): The measurement for the kicker arm says it's 30" below the primary arm. Is that in reference to the primary arm bolt or the lag for the primary arm?

That is a reference to the bottom of the lag in the braces.

Mystery Event (Teams): Will hand tools be provided for the mystery event or will we need to bring our own?

There will be no tools required for this event that are not required for the other events in this rodeo.

2 Phase Horizontal Cutout Change Out (Apprentice): Just to clarify: the mean time for apprentices is 12 minutes - correct? The journeyman team (3 man team) have an 11 minute mean time with the same amount of work.

Apprentice mean time is 12 minutes, Journeyman Team event is 11 minutes.

NOTE: Journeyman Team event description is different.

2 Phase Horizontal Cutout Change Out (Apprentice): Will the apprentices be required to use a shotgun?


2 Phase Horizontal Cutout Change Out (Apprentice): Will the apprentices be changing out both cutouts or just one?

Both cutouts.

2 Phase Horizontal Cutout Change Out (Apprentice): Will we be required to remove the tap for the phase or can we remove the stinger from the cutouts?

It’s up to the competitor.

Note: If there is accidental contact, there will be a deduction.

2 Phase Horizontal Cutout Change Out (Individual Journeyman): In the questions you state that the tap must be removed from the line, you have also indicated that this is 4kV de-energized. (question continued below)

Question: Why am I required to lift the taps from the line if our utility allows us to glove 4kv from the pole?

Answer: There will be NO shotgun stick required in this event. You can remove the tap with your rubber gloves.  

2 Phase Horizontal Cutout Change Out (Apprentice): In the event description it says the rope must be tied to the cut out or material. If using a hand line, is it acceptable to use the hook?


General (Teams): How does the scoring overall for team journeyman work?

Teams will compete in five (5) events. Each event is worth 100 points, with the exception of the written test. Deductions in the form of infractions as mentioned in the general rules or missed questions on the test will be included in the overall score.

For teams only, the written test will total 150 points (each of the three team members will individually take a written test worth 50 points and the team will receive the total combined score worth a potential 150 points). 

All events are timed as mentioned in the event descriptions.Times will be used in the event of a tie. Overall scores are determined by the total number of points from all events (550 is a perfect score) and the total cumulative time (sum of all event times) will be used as a tie-breaker.

2 Phase Horizontal Cutout Change Out (Teams): What will the approximate length of the jumpers be?

66 inches and 96 inches #4 Copper.

2 Phase Horizontal Cutout Change Out (Teams): Do we have to operate cut outs before removing Our temporary jumper?


2 Phase Horizontal Cutout Change Out (Teams): What is the measurement from the top arm to the kicker arm?

30 inches

General Rules: Is it a 2 point deduction or a 10 point deduction if I don’t wear my rubber gloves on events that require them ground to ground?

It will be a 10 point deduction for not wearing your rubber gloves ground to ground on events that require the use of rubber gloves.

Note: It is rule #5 in the Competitors Rules under 10 point deductions.

Rule #21 in the 2 point deductions has been removed.

2 Phase Horizontal Cutout Change Out (Apprentice): What size fuse link will be replaced? And can you climb with them?

They are 20 amp fuses, yes you can climb with the fuse links as long as you maintain control of them.

2 Phase Horizontal Cutout Change Out (Apprentice): Is the shotgun/wire brush stick provided? If so, where on the pole is it mounted?

You must provide your own shotgun and wire brush.

Hurtman Rescue (Individual Journeyman): Question 1: Will the manikin be hanging from the conductor side of the pole or opposite conductor side?

Question 2: If opposite conductor side of the pole, will the eyenut need to be installed opposite side of pole the pictures show them installed for the belt to be hung on the eyenut?

Answer to both questions: The manikin will hang from the conductor side of the pole. It will be opposite to the picture in the event description.