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Meldahl Hydroelectric Plant Now in Full Commercial Operation

Published on: 04/19/2016

FOSTER, KY: The Meldahl Hydroelectric Plant is now in full commercial operation and providing power to the City of Hamilton, Ohio, and the other 47 American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) member communities in four states participating in the project.

“On behalf of the AMP Board and AMP’s member communities participating in our hydro projects I want to acknowledge this significant milestone,” said Jeff Brediger, utilities director for the City of Orrville, Ohio who also chairs both the AMP Board of Trustees Hydro Power Projects Committee and the AMP Phase 1 Hydro Participants Committee. “The AMP hydro development effort contains a total of 11 turbines and we now have seven in commercial operation. Not only does this relieve a significant portion of the construction risk, but once complete, further increases the renewable resources in our members’ portfolios. Forty three member communities are participating in both phases of AMP’s hydro development. In total, they will share 293 MW of clean, renewable hydro generation, an achievement of which we can all be proud.”

The facility’s Unit 3 was declared in commercial operation on April 12, 2016. Meldahl Unit 2 began commercial operation on Jan. 20, and Unit 1 on Feb. 14. The project was developed through a partnership of the City of Hamilton and AMP. Hamilton originally procured the license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in 2008 and will receive 51.4 percent of the energy produced by the hydroelectric facility. AMP will receive the remaining share of the plant output on behalf of its participating members.

“This is the largest of the four hydro projects AMP members are developing on the Ohio River,” said AMP President/CEO Marc Gerken. “The facility is an important component of our members’ long-term power supply strategy and truly represents an investment in the future. This has been a long journey and I want to commend all involved both at AMP and the City of Hamilton for their commitment, professionalism and diligent efforts to reach this point.”

The construction and commissioning teams will be demobilizing off-site after remaining punch list items are completed.

“The Meldahl Hydroelectric Project will provide affordable, renewable energy for current and future Hamilton electric consumers,” said Director of Public Utilities Kevin Maynard. “Hamilton is proud to be a leader in renewable energy for more than 50 years. The City has owned and operated the Hamilton Hydroelectric Project in Hamilton since 1963, and the Greenup Hydroelectric Plant, near Portsmouth, Ohio, since 1988. The City will continue to operate these three hydroelectric projects in the future. With completion of Meldahl, Hamilton will receive approximately 50 percent of its energy requirements from clean, renewable hydroelectric resources. I congratulate Hamilton City Council, Mayor Pat Moeller, City Manager Joshua Smith, and the Hamilton/AMP Team, for their hard work and dedication in completing this project.”

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