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AMP Unveils Wall of Fame to Honor the Organization’s Significant Contributors

Published on: 04/22/2011

COLUMBUS: The Board of Trustees and executive management of American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) gathered recently to recognize the achievements of seven individuals that have made significant contributions to the organization. AMP unveiled and dedicated a Wall of Fame at its headquarters in Columbus.

The Wall of Fame is a tribute to the individuals who have made significant contributions to the organization and through their dedication have supported public power in the region.

“AMP-Ohio, Inc. was formed in 1971, and after 40 years of growth and a new name, AMP, Inc., it was time to recognize key drivers in the organization’s success,” AMP President/CEO Marc Gerken said. “These individuals are the embodiment of the values and principles that are hallmarks of public power. Their dedication, passion and business acumen deserve special recognition.”

The 2011 honorees include the five individuals who were the signatories of the original Articles of Incorporation, forming what was then known as AMP-Ohio. These individuals represented Ohio public power communities that would be among the original members of the organization.

Robert Hillwig – City of Bowling Green
Warren Hinchee – City of Cleveland
Willard Seibert – City of Dover
John Engle, Jr. – City of Hamilton
Paul Kaiser – City of Westerville

Also honored at the ceremony was David Straus, AMP’s long-time federal regulatory attorney. Straus greatly contributed to the growth and success of AMP over a period of more than 32 years, appearing countless times before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and other regulatory bodies on behalf of the organization and member communities. Through his efforts, AMP member communities received increased transmission rights, access to additional delivery points from investor-owned utilities, protection of New York Power Authority hydroelectric power allocations, as well as both monetary and reliability benefits that greatly increased their ability to meet the needs of their customers.

The final initial honoree was William Lyren, P.E. Lyren worked for the City of Wadsworth, Ohio for nearly 40 years as an engineer and as Director of Public Service. His tireless efforts to advance the interests of Ohio’s municipal electric systems helped lead to the creation of AMP, furthering the cause of public power in Ohio and on the national level. Lyren holds the distinction of being the longest serving AMP Board of Trustees member – with over 30 years of service. His vision and tenacity helped guide the organization. Lyren chaired the Board of Trustees for four years, but through most of his tenure served as Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee. In this capacity, he oversaw the organization’s finances. One of his greatest accomplishments was overseeing the bond issues for several joint venture projects.

Straus, Lyren and family members of John Engle and Paul Kaiser attended the ceremony. AMP will continue to honor additional deserving individuals in the future.

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    (l to r) Marc Gerken, AMP President/CEO, Jo Kaiser, wife of Honoree Paul Kaiser, and her son Charles Kaiser, Andrew Boatright, City of Westerville

  • Wall-of-Fame3

    (l to r) Marc Gerken, AMP President/CEO, John Bentine, AMP General Counsel, William Lyren, Honoree, David Straus, Honoree

  • Wall-of-Fame4

    (l to r) Mark Brandenburger, City of Hamilton, Marc Gerken, AMP President/CEO, Alice Stevenson, daughter of Honoree John Engle, Jr., and her husband David Stevenson, Charlie Young, City of Hamilton